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Hello, my name is Ryan Holley, and I believe you can and will learn anything you put your mind, and time into. I am passionate about growing within the renewable and internet industries. I am here to share what processes and techniques have worked, and those that don't. These methods are to help, educate, and motivate you to advance yourself, whether it's for your career or business.

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I am saving up to eventually open an ecommerce store selling solar accessories.

Solar Energy Installer

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Paradise to Portland

By Ryan Holley September 20th, 2014

While living in Hawaii, I returned to Oregon for a vacation and to meet with a couple solar companies.

I loved living in Hawaii, but once you do everything there is on the island 5 times, it get's kind of old.

Kona to PDX

I would actually be moving to Milwaukie, Oregon to pursue a job as an apprentice electrician - for Sunlight Solar.

I needed a place to live so I jumped on good 'ol Craigslist. I talked to this guy who turned out to be really cool. I eventually would end up moving in at the end of March. I was about 20 minutes away from Sunlight Solar's office.

Sunlight Solar Begins

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St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

It's important to set small goals for yourself, every single day. Being able to complete these "small" goals will ultimately lead to you achieving one large goal.

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