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Oregonian Graduates from LCC – Lands Job in Hawaii

By Ryan Holley on July 26th, 2014

Oregonian Graduates from LCC – Lands Job in Hawaii

PDX to Kona

Yep, that’s right. I had attended Lane Community College from 2009-2012.

I was on a waiting list to get into the Energy Management Program – Renewable Energy Technician Program (focus). During that year I was able to knock out some pre requisites such as public speaking, reading, writing, etc.

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The Struggle

After graduating the program I knew it was going to be difficult to find a job in Eugene, OR. I had to chase the opportunity – and that was in Portland, OR (2 hours north).

With so many solar installation companies to choose from, I thought it was a no brainer, but I was wrong. There were so many “Sorry…” emails, empty leads, and some didn’t respond. After the first few emails I should’ve seen an indicator, but I didn’t. I had emailed every company on the Energy Trust of Oregon’s tax certified list.

It was time to expand my horizons. I had thought: “If I am going to move, I should move somewhere freaking beautiful”. That’s when Hawaii and Australia had crossed my mind.

I had created an engaging statement, found a contact email, and sent my resume and cover letters to two different solar companies.

The Phone Call

7 minutes later I get a phone call from an 808 area code. I immediately knew it was Hawaii!

I let it go to voicemail to hear what they have to say.

I eventually called her back, we talked and I was moving to Kona in 9 days!

I had to find a place to live as soon as possible… That’s another story :).

It’s crazy to think that an education from a community college could take you somewhere so far and so beautiful.

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Here is an image of the offer letter.

Solar offer letter

It’s crazy to think my annual salary was over $40k, but that’s not how things played out.

Some weeks were more than 40 hours, and some were less. I eventually ended up having weeks off from December to January.

I could have stayed comfortable and waited for a position to open up around March of 2013 - in Oregon.

It’s only up to you to determine your path. If you aren’t uncomfortable, you’re not growing.

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